Case C. Capehart is the author of the phenomenal dark fantasy novel Beyond the Hell Cliffs. Here you can find information on his upcoming titles, links to purchase his available novels, promotional artwork and the official blog for all things Case C. Capehart.

In the mood for something dark and visceral, full of black comedy and bloody vengeance, swords and sorcery, legends and lust? Follow Raegith Caelum as he fulfills his legacy of rulership... for the enemy of his people!

Beyond the Hell Cliffs

Need something less brutal, more contemporary or for a younger reader? Circe Meadows is a high school girl who stands out from her classmates, but she is about to find out just how unlike everyone else she really is. Experience her loneliness, love, rage and eventually her destructive power!

Blood Daughter


Beyond The Hell Cliffs


An enormous stretch of drop-offs called the Hell Cliffs separates the peaceful races of Rellizbix from the barbaric denizens of the Greimere Empire. For a thousand years Rellizbix has seen victory after victory over the invading horde from the south, but for most of that time period, the war has been a lie. The current king's illegitimate son, Raegith Caelum, has been tasked with a secret, traditional mission, to deliver orders to the Greimere to begin another war at the king's command. This is the secret to the continual success of Rellizbix, but once Raegith is beyond the Hell Cliffs, an unfortunate misunderstanding leaves him stranded and alone in the heart of his people's enemy. There he sees the other side of the coin; the dreadful consequences of his people's continued prosperity and when he rises to power, it is not for the glory of Rellizbix, but for the vengeance of an entire empire.

Blood Daughter

The end of the school year for Circe Meadows always meant a few months of escape from the bullying and ostracism she faced at school. The end of her junior year, however, meant the end of her humanity. 

Adopted as an infant, Circe was never right for the tiny town of Belmont. She did not listen to the right music, she was not involved in the right activities, she was not the right color; but that was only the beginning. Her strange new feelings about the new boy in town awaken something else inside of her that feels dark, malicious and inhuman. When her true origin is finally revealed inside a twisting, razor-sheathed inferno, will the power she manifests be used for salvation or destruction? Will she even have a choice?